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white room CEPro provides professional solutions for all of your Critical Environment needs. From construction of a new facility, to maintenance of an existing one, CEPro understands the unique requirements of your Critical Environment, and has the expertise to help you meet those needs.

With over 100 years combined Critical Environment experience, CEPro has been the innovator in the development of certification and maintenance programs for Hospital Isolation Rooms and Biological Safety Level 3/4 labs. In addition, CEPro specializes in other Critical Environments such as wet labs, cleanrooms, hospital operating rooms, emergency rooms, and procedure rooms to name a few. CEPro is the recognized leader in providing these services to the educational, healthcare, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. CEPro's experience, technical expertise, and familiarity with government regulations and industry standards enables us to deliver high-quality, cost-effective solutions that meet all of your service needs and compliance requirements.

CEPro understands the requirements of your operations and can translate that into the design and function of your facility. We take into account structural and practical use limitations as well as personnel factors to provide an integrated solution to meet your operational needs.

By choosing CEPro, you eliminate the frustration of coordinating multiple vendors and integrating their schedules, work, and personalities to service your facility. Since CEPro can test, repair, certify and maintain your Critical Environment, you can combine your service needs and work with only ONE provider.

The CEPro advantages include:

Choose CEPro as your sole provider for all of your Critical Environment needs. Call us today at (847) 636-7710 or e-mail us at info@ceproinc.com to set up an appointment to discuss your Critical Environment issues.


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